AGE Platform – The voice of older persons at EU level

AGE Platform Europe is a European network of non-profit organisations of and for people aged 50+, which aims to voice and promote the interests of the 200 million citizens aged 50+ in the European Union (Eurostat, 2018) and to raise awareness on the issues that concern them most.

AGE celebrates longevity as one of the greatest achievements of humanity. They seek to combat ageism, promote human rights throughout the life course, reduce inequalities and enable everyone to live a full and dignified life.

Their core values and guiding principles

  • Respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law, the European Union’s fundamental values, unite our members.
  • Human rights and dignity do not diminish with age and must be respected throughout each individual’s life course.
  • Older people are self-advocates. Everyone should be supported to speak on their own behalf as the ultimate experts of their own lives.
  • Older women and men are a resource for our societies through their contributions through work, volunteering, informal care, creativity, experience and as consumers.
  • Intergenerational solidarity strengthens inclusion and justice between generations respecting and benefiting everyone’s experiences, sensibilities, and expectations.
  • Age-friendly environments are essential for equitable and inclusive communities for all ages.

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