Transnational Project Meetings

Information on the plan, developments and importance of the meetings

The transnational project meetings, are gatherings between all partners, either in physical presence or online, which aim to address key issues for the progress of the project.

During these meetings, the partners meticulously review the progress of the project in terms of

  • activities implemented,
  • possible delays in implementation,
  • review of the reports and results to achieve by the end of project (i.e the analysis of the practices reviewed in terms of the objectives of the project, the foreseen guide, etc),
  • planning learning activities/meetings,
  • assessing previous activities
  • review of the dissemination plan and overall dissemination and communication activities aimed at making the project visible to the public
  • and of course issues in terms of managment of the finances of the project to ensure proper and efficient use of funds

The partnership officially is foressen to implement 2 main transnational project meetings one at the beginning and one near the end of the project. Due to covid-19, the first meeting took place online with a physical presence catch up a year later (March 2022) in Porto (PT). The last meeting has been planned for July 2022 in Mardid (ES) and followed by am informational event.

Preparatory meeting

Place: Online
Dates: 12 April 2021

The objective of the meeting is to familiarise all partner organisations’ staff on what the project aims to do, what the partners have to do and which is the implementation period of all activities. Once these issues are clarified and understood by all persons involved, the partners will discuss in depth the approach that we will all try to follow. For more information read our blogpost here

TP1 – Let’s get

Place: Porto (PT)
Dates: 3-4 March 2022

Preceeded by an online meeting on February 2021 (more information on our blog)

TP2 – Results
and final remarks

Place: Madrid (ES)
Dates: 7-8 July 2022

Followed by an informational seminar (more information to be provided)

Apart from the partners meetings, the partners regularly meet online, either all together or in bilateral sessions, depending on the needs, emerged issues and any other relevant occassion. Alternatively, the partners exchange emails or other communication process, to communicate the issues.

Below you can find the agendas and the minutes of the major meetings realised, as well as documents related to the working process of the partnership.

To access information and findings on the areas examined, check out our “Guide” page