Our reports

Here you will find reports from the meetings, the training activities and the practices we analysed

Newsletters ↪

Here you can find the newsletters of the project including a recap of what has been done as well as what is to be done

↩ Minutes

This section includes a more comprehensive reporting on the what was discussed during the learning activities and can provide a better overview of the working process

Health system per country ↪

Here you can find the working files of the project, including all draft notes and resources concerning the health system of each partner country which are also included in the final publication of the project.

All of the resources used in the reports, can also be found in our repository🔗 with direct links to their original authors

↩ Study visit presentations of practices

The presentations made during the study visits

Other working documents ↪

Additional documents created during the project, that have supported the implementation of the project activities and the development of the guide