SALUD 60+ / HEALTH 60+


Project Health+60 is based on a Strategic Partnership for the Exachange of Good Practices carried out within the framework of the Key Action 204  of the Erasmus+ Programme. 

The partners of this Strategic Partnership come from four different EU member states – Spain (FEUP), Greece (DAFNI KEK), Portugal (KERIGMA) and Cyprus (EUROCULTURE) –  and have come together to identify good practices in healthcare education and awareness within the adult education sector. 


European societies are currently facing a common phenomenon: the challenges posed by an aging population and the impact it may have on the welfare system. In this context, in which the percentage of people over 65 years old keeps on growing, it is important to acknowledge that this age group represents a significant part of the population and, hence, it is a key group from a political and social point of view.

The last stage of a person’s life should not be a waiting room for them to sit and watch years go by. Those years can be active, enriching and lived to the fullest. Taking simple measures such as physical and mental activity, a good diet, and a better understanding of how to manage their own health can have a great impact on people’s lives. ​

Apart from improving significantly the quality of life of elderly people, prevention of health conditions would also contribute to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed in the next few decades. For the elderly to have the motivation and the means to modify their lifestyle is a basic requirement for a real change to take place.

Adult education associations and institutions have a fantastic opportunity to play a crucial role in that process. A significant number of people pursuing non-formal education is over the age of 60 and, therefore, non-formal education centers hold a unique position to raise awareness regarding health issues among this age group through courses and activities. ​

Since this situation is not particular of a specific country, but a problem that Europe as a whole needs to tackle, a strategic association for the exchange of good practices is a very useful tool to use in order to contribute to a better future for European societies.

The experiences gathered by the different institutions in adult education are a valuable resource in order to develop guides or programs focused on raising awareness regarding health and promoting an active lifestyle after retirement.

about our team

Meet Our Team

FEUP represents the Popular Universities (located in 203 municipalities and 12 autonomous communities in Spain) at a national and international level. The Popular Universities are a project cemented on the promotion of cultural development of society, which seeks to achieve social engagement and enhance lifelong learning as means to improve the quality of life of the population.

DAFNI KEK is a non-profit independent research center for innovation in adult education, while also being a LifeLong Learning Center, certified by EOPPEP (The National Organisation for the Certification of Qualification and Vocational Guidance).

KERIGMA is a non-profit organization and its aim is to promote the integrated development of people, of organizations and the community, creating services, solutions and products of excellence that contribute to an active citizenship, solidarity, and social cohesion. Oriented by the values of equality and social responsibility, innovation and empowerment of people.

EUROCULTURE is a non-profit cultural and educational association with a long line of experience in the field of adult education and the promotion of the idea of lifelong learning.