1st transnational project meeting

The first large-scale meeting among all partners to discuss the development of the project has been scheduled!

The partners will meet online for a 4h meeting related to the official launch of the project.

The objective of the meeting is to familiarise all partner organizations’ staff on what the project aims to do, what the partners have to do and which is the implementation period of all activities. Once these issues are clarified and understood by all persons involved, the partners will discuss in depth the approach that we will all try to follow.

The project aims to approach the aging process from a health perspective, where health is defined in its physical, mental, and social aspects.

A lot of focus will be given to access to healthcare as well as health literacy in general but in direct relation to social life and active participation as a means to promote it but also as a way to prevent serious health problems through an active lifestyle.

Through the Salud +60 (Health 60+) project, the partnership will participate in study visits and will meet healthcare professionals as well as adult education institutions, to merge their activities and help support health literacy among people over 60 years of age.

We welcome you all to this journey with us and if you are interested to contribute with your knowledge and experiences we will be more than happy to include you in our activities!

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