Welcome to the Project

Project Salud+60 has begun!

The first Transnational Meeting for project Salud+60 (Health+60) was held on February 08th. Even though the meeting had to be carried out virtually due to the ongoing pandemic, that did not prevent the session from being highly fruitful, setting us for a good start in this exciting journey!

Salud+60 is a project developed within the framework of the Key Action 204 of the Erasmus+ program. The project is coordinated by the Spanish Federation of Popular Universities (FEUP) and it rests on the cooperation between KERIGMA (Portugal), EUROCULTURE (Cyprus), and DAFNI KEK (Greece). The focus of the project is education aimed to promote awareness and self-management of physical, mental, and social health among people over the age of 60.

The motivation for the project is rooted in the acute need European societies have to enhance active aging. This has become even more self-evident in the light of the COVID-19 crisis, which has disproportionally affected our elders the most.

The project will have three learning, teaching, and training activities (LTT) where the project partners will share their expertise and exchange good practices in adult education on the project topic.

Through the exchange of good practices, project Salud+60 will develop a guide containing a description of different cooperation models between health-care agents and adult education associations, as well as the collection of best teaching methodologies for health education aimed at people over 6

You are very welcome to follow us on this new journey and learn with us!

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