Third learning activity in Patras

The final learning activity of the Salud+60 project, took place in Patras from June 15th to 17th, 2022.

The partners were introduced to very interesting discussions with several people involved in the field of health and gerontology in Patras. The partners also had the chance to present the project in the conference organised by Dafni Kek and took place on the afternoon of the 2nd day (16/6). In the conference related to sustainability and equity in the workplace, the Salud+60 project was presented as an important thematic, considering the older employees as well as the younger ones.

Some key findings from the final learning activity, are:

  • In terms of Western Greece there is a great need for services to those in rural areas and limited access to digital means
  • There is a great chasm between those over 60 residing in the center or near the center of Patras, where they have access to all services and cultural events, compared to those in rural areas, where literacy beyond the basics is not a given
  • The system of healthcare provision is very complicated in Greece, and it is not only handled by the Ministry of Health, but also from the Ministry of Labour, Interior Affairs and occassionaly he Ministry of Education
  • There are many different structures and there is no contact between them to further tend to the needs of the patients when needed
  • Further education and training of healthcare professionals, is on the one hand encouraged with rewards, but there are not many options that are also certified by the Ministry of Education
  • There are many initiatives and activities carried out to make the field of Gerontology and Geriatrics an actual field with trained professionals
  • Older citizens participate actively in activities that concern them and they are very eager to have access to systematized services, from health to culture
  • Many people, starting from their 40s, start dealing with neurological disorders and other health issues, more commonly associated with old age and it is because of health illiteracy and overall anxiety due to employment (or lack of it) that many don’t take the necessary measures to prevent them in the early stages
  • Many initiatives related to the training of caregivers in not only providing care services but also understanding old age and its complexity
  • Associations develop training materials and exercises for people to be able to keep active with whatever they have access to in their vicinity/home
  • There is a lot of loneliness, both in elders with neurological issues but also in younger people, which further delays the communal solutions to care
  • Sustainability in society, through its active activities, can help better promote health awareness and preparation for old age, giving the chance for both elders and younger generations to learn and understand one another

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