Unwanted loneliness

Many old people, regardless of their domestic situation, experience unwanted loneliness feelings at some point. Unwanted loneliness beats when someone’s social relationships are someway poor. It is also a feeling that arises when someone’s social relationships are less satisfactory than that person would like.

Below you can find 2 articles in Spanish, referencing the phenomenon and the data on the spanish populations.

Read the article from El Pais: https://elpais.com/sociedad/cuidar-y-ser-cuidado/2022-05-17/me-senti-solo-17-anos-la-batalla-por-romper-con-el-aislamiento.html

Read the article on unwanted loneliness in the Community of Madrid: https://www.comunidad.madrid/servicios/asuntos-sociales/soledad-no-deseada-personas-mayores-comunidad-madrid

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